Main Street, Dunmanway, Co. Cork.

Tel: 023 8856811



The need for a Community Council:
·Local people are the best people to determine the needs of their community.
·Community Organisations are very effective when they are made up of local people working together for the benefit of their own area.
·Cork County has many very effective community councils who have done tremendous work and achieved a great deal for their communities.·We in Dunmanway would like our area to develop and enjoy excellent facilities and services.
·We recognise that unless we get properly organised in Dunmanway we may be left behind.
·Our main aim will be to make Dunmanway a better place for all the community.
·Ni neart go cur le cheile’.

Mission Statement:

Dunmanway Community Council (DCC) is a voluntary, community-based organisation of elected members which aims to identify the current and future priorities of the local area, for the benefit of the economic, cultural, social and environmental welfare of the Dunmanway Community. The Dunmanway Community Council will also interact with stakeholders such as government agencies and other community groups and will seed advice and financial assistance on such projects in a transparent manner in line with good governance principles.

The Aims of our Community Council are to:

The Goals of Dunmanway Community Council:

¨ To ascertain, coordinate and reflect the views of the community which it represents and to promote the well-being of the community and to foster community spirit.

¨ To liaise with other community groups within the area, and to fairly express the diversity of opinions and outlooks of the people.

¨ To express the views and highlight community priority needs to the Local Authority and Government Bodies for the area, especially in the County Development Plan.

¨ To promote and continue ongoing work and projects, e.g.: Tidy Towns Programme, Website Development and Festival Promotion.

¨ To conduct all efforts in an open and transparent manner, in line with good governance practices.

¨ To identify channels of funding for community projects and apply for such funding, where appropriate or to advise community stakeholders of relevant funding.

¨ To work towards implenenting the Dunmanway Integrated Develoopment Strategy.

Who is on the Community Council?

The Community Council consists of twelve members elected by the community. An additional six members may be co-opted onto the council by the 12 elected members. The Council has already co-opted one representative from Dunmanway Family Resource Centre and 1 representative from the Dunmanway Enterprise Network. In addition there will be sub-committees / advisory and working groups as the need arises.

These will be appointed by the Community Council and will have clear terms of reference. Sub-Committees are generally long term and re-appointed annually. Advisory and working groups are generally short term, for a specific purpose but will also have clear terms of reference.
Possible Sub-Committees include:
·Implementation of specific sections of action plan i.e.
·Community Care.
·Children and Youth Services.
·Community Facilities, Recreation and Amenity
·Newsletter and Website


Chairperson: Joe Higgins
Vice- chairperson: John Calnan
Treasurer: Tommy Collins
Secretary: Maebh O’Neill
Vice Secretary/ Funding researcher: Karen Collins
Public Relations Officer: Christian Haubold
Finbarr Corcoran
John Galvin
Michael Kelleher
Finbarr Mannix
Johnny Dean
Dunmanway Enterprise Network – Peter Walsh

Dunmanway Family Resource Centre – Tracy Holt

Geraldine Kelleher – Dunmanway resident and gardening enthusiast

Dunmanway Community Council wish to express their gratitude to Cork Federation Muintir Na Tire for their help and support in the setting up of the council.